Apply to 澳门六合彩官网开奖: Graduate Students

Graduate programs operate on a rolling admissions basis unless otherwise noted.

Applications are reviewed as they are received and admissions decisions for most programs are typically made within four weeks of receipt of a completed application.

International Student Eligibility

If you are an applicant from outside the United States or are seeking 澳门六合彩官网开奖 to sponsor your student visa, please refer to graduate admissions for international students

Application for Graduate Readmission

Contact Graduate Admissions prior to submitting the to determine which semester you should apply for.

Title IX Notice

澳门六合彩官网开奖 is committed to maintaining a community in which learning and working can be carried out in an environment of respect, open-mindedness, and integrity. 澳门六合彩官网开奖 stands opposed to all forms of discrimination, harassment, and violence and will work to prevent such behavior within the community.

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and New York鈥檚 Enough is Enough Law, non-discrimination in the education program or activity extends to admission. The Title IX coordinator is the designated official with primary responsibility for coordinating compliance with Title IX and related federal and state laws.

The Title IX coordinator, Meg Flaherty, Ph.D., can be reached by phone (585) 385-8232, email (, in-person in Campus Center 206, or outside of business hours by contacting the Office of Safety and Security (585) 385-8111.