Media Alert: #澳门六合彩官网开奖Expert Offers Expertise on the 2024 Eclipse Totality Event

April 1, 2024

On April 8, 2024, Rochester is poised to witness totality during a total solar eclipse for the first time since 1925. Dr. Jeffrey Stephens, an associate professor of physics at 澳门六合彩官网开奖, stands ready to provide his insight on this rare celestial event.

With his extensive experience in physics education and a Ph.D. from Lehigh University, Dr. Stephens can offer valuable knowledge on the fundamental principles underpinning a solar eclipse, stellar evolution, and the intricate dynamics of lunar orbit and alignment that culminate in totality.

Dr. Stephens is available for interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Members of the media looking to interview him are encouraged to reach out to Melissa Greco Lopes at or call/text (585) 260-6666.